None of the above

March 23, 2016

2016-03-06 15.09.02 2016-03-06 15.08.16 2016-03-06 15.08.10 2016-03-06 15.08.00 103_1170


Last two courtesy of


23 Responses to “None of the above”

  1. Wonderful energies in these sketches 🙂

  2. memadtwo said

    I love the top left especially. (K)

  3. Anna said

    Reblogged this on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    Another awesome interpretation of my painting challenge
    For comments, please visit original post/Anna

  4. Anna said

    Wow! I like all of them 🙂

  5. So Good!!! I love that top one!

  6. Me too. I think i captured the mechanics of the toy

  7. kestrelart said

    I love these sketches. Reading these as a series, order emerges into the clarity of the seated figure and dissolves again into abstract. The horizontal composition using contours to build tones has an emotional tone like the Passion story without being representational. Your use of line is characteristically bold.

    • Hi KA. Thank you very much for all the wonderful comments I will work my way around replying, but it may take me a while. Lovely comment, and there was me thinking I was just flailing around with a pen. If I ever have an exhibition you are definately writing my artist’s statement for me!

      • kestrelart said

        Perhaps that’s my talent, seeing something in others’ art rather than producing my own! I had a similar comment from someone else recently.
        Actually, I was thinking you ought to exhibit. You have some serious talent, but what impresses me is your development of ideas.
        I am full of great schemes. Bullshit some might call it. Still I wondered idly whether we could jointly develop an exhibition of work from those of us who blog. Where, and who would come I wonder. I am not sure my stuff would fare well next to yours, though (not fishing, genuine comment).

        • I do think the photos of my stuff often look better than the work itself, perhaps a photograph validates it in my eyes somehow, like putting it in a frame. What impresses me about your work is your commitment and following through on pieces and ideas. A joint exhibition would be fabulous! I have been to the seaside this week and whilst i’ve seen some really interesting work , i’ve also seen alot of stock, mediocre pieces – i’m sure there’s room for us.

          • kestrelart said

            I know what you mean – my stuff is flattered by being photographed also. Part of the explanation is simple – the photograph is backlit by the screen. Good watercolourists can achieve the same effect on the painted surface!

            I wonder how we might make an exhibition work? It would certainly concentrate the mind. I’ll think further on this.

            Do you ever enter into local exhibitions? I exhibited twice in open shows at the RBSA here. I would like to do so again but it’s an effort to get stuff framed properly and time seems short at the moment – work getting in the way of life. I must find the details of the man who framed mine. He was running a small business from his garage, but did a great job.

            • I put something in an art centre where i was attending sessions when they had a fundraising exhibition a few years back, but didn’t tell anyone so got no feedback. That was also framed by a man in his garage – there’s obviously a lot of them about! Time is a huge problem. I was talking with my sister about doing one at her house over a bank holiday, but we’re both so busy. Do you think our employers will give us paid leave by any chance? I looked at the summer ‘open studios’ and that’s a possibility especially as now you will write my statement.

  8. Great scribbly style!

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