November 8, 2017

Drawing birds off You Tube videos. 10 points for each bird you recognise.

19 Responses to “Cooking”

  1. Birds seem easy to draw until I try to draw them…

  2. Gulls and geese, but not sure which varieties as they are northern hemisphere birds I suspect.

  3. What a wonderful exercise. I had never thought of drawing while watching Youtube. I used to do contour drawings while watching the Sunday morning news programs.

  4. Canada geese and sparrows? Maybe a robin or two?

    • I don’t think there was a sparrow, but definately a robin. I’m looking out of the canteen window at work, no sign whatsoever of a bird – not even a pigeon. I lie – 3 have just swooped past in the distance. Wildlife sketchers have my admiration. Kestrelart, a fellow blogger, had said to look as long as possible and fix the key features in my mind before turning to the paper. Very different to the incessant up/down looking of life drawing I’m used to!

      • Not even a pigeon – that’s surprising! I love birds (except the aforementioned:-)), especially the little sparrows that are everywhere. That’s a good tip from Kestrelart.

        We have our first day of snow today, but if there are warmer days ahead, I might actually sit on the stoop and sketch the birds that come to the feeder in the garden. I like your idea of drawing while watching Youtube videos!

  5. These are great! Reminds me of the Eric Ennion/John Busby approach. I second Kestrelart, look look look – notice proportions, how long are the wings and tail, what shapes does the body take, etc. – often a pose will stick in the mind then, and it’s easier to draw.

    • Hi. Thank you. He also told me about Giss used for war time plane identification – general information on size or shape. I’m going to do the exercise again at some point as it really does use different creative muscles! I will look up the two names you have mentioned too.

    • Just back from Google, from what I’ve seen Eric’s paintings are heartbreakingly tender and beautiful. Will go back again and see more of his sketches.

  6. Ducks, seagulls and budgies. That’s about the limit of my bird recognition skills apart from pigeons 😁

  7. Paul Randall said

    my bird ID subroutines all have crashed, alas!

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