The Old School Tie

August 16, 2017

25 Responses to “The Old School Tie”

  1. Deep in the magic of the woods, I touched and felt.

  2. oooohhhhh… I love this.

  3. Wow, that’s gorgeous.

  4. Rebecca said

    You’ve really captured something here – love it. The trees are almost dancing. 🙂

  5. memadtwo said

    Dancing trees is correct. It looks like a portal. (K)

  6. kestrelart said

    Crazy title

    • There’s a blue in the middle that reminded me of my school tie, bizarre, but when you are flailing around for a title…

      • kestrelart said

        You always choose enigmatic titles.
        I’ve asked before I think, but did you ever read Iain M Banks’ Culture novels? If so, you will see the connection.

        • No I haven’t, do you recommend? I only have one rule; the title should have nothing to do with the image, unless it does.

          • kestrelart said

            That works!
            Sure, if you like good sci fi. He was a master. He died a year or so ago, said to his wife he hoped she would do him the honour of becoming his widow. I liked that. His fiction is on a grand scale, populated by vast artificial intelligences called Minds. These take names as bizarre as your titles. Player of Games, and Inversions, are probably my favourites. I’m going to revisit them this holiday I think.

  7. I will give them a look at some point. I’ve just spent 1&1/2 hours of precious time painting a picture I can’t even bear to look at. How dispiriting

  8. I absolutely love this!

  9. I can hear birds and feel and smell the thick forest musk.

  10. What is this done with? Guache?

  11. honeypears said

    This is great – riotous and uplifting!

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