March 19, 2017


18 Responses to “Dust”

  1. kestrelart said

    I really like seeing these. They give insights into your cognitive process. I find it interesting how you are drawing round the negative spaces.

    • Inspired by the Joan Eardley exhibition, I set off, new chalks in hand ( I liked how she used these in her portraits) to try and produce a strong, colourful response to the local landscape. It’s the same part of the river I always end up at and I didn’t feel I was really doing anything new until that second from last picture you point out. This is the one I’ve continued to work on. So hard to keep that initial motovation alive, although I bought the exhibition book so keep topping myself up. It would be marvellous to go to more exhibitions as they provoke so much thinking, so many possibilities. Anything good coming to Brum?

  2. kestrelart said

    Also I especially like the last one before the pylon. It has a real dynamism.

  3. What he said! 😀 loving these sketches.

    • Thank you! With the spirit of Joan Eardley with me, I set out to tackle that landscape once again! Amazing what a boost an exhibition can give you.

      • There’s nothing like an exhibition that energises you! I was immediately inspired by her landscapes, reminded my of Turner (always a touchstone for me). What did you think of the people works?

        • It was the children’s pictures that drew me in first – on the programme they interviewed the two sisters who sat for her, but it was probably the landscapes I took more from in the exhibition. I have a strong urge to visit that bit of the coast now. There were some lovely photographs taken of kids on the streets by joan and by her friend too. There’s a tough, bold, plain quality in her work that is very appealing and a real feeling that she worked. Glad you like her too, I can feel myself in danger of going over the top!

  4. I like the contrast in second to the last — I always like the use of color, too

    • That’s the one that’s nearest to what I set out to do. I think all the other sketches had to come first to get to that one though. The scene was in the distance and I think I needed to draw around it with definate tree/road shapes before I could ‘see’ it properly. I love colour, but seem to have become slightly afraid of it.

  5. memadtwo said

    Yes, the contrast. Also the lines and color! (K)

  6. jane tims said

    Love the two last ones!

  7. honeypears said

    These are wee gems – would never guess you were chromophobic!

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