To the castle!

February 15, 2017

At the river:


14 Responses to “To the castle!”

  1. I love the looseness of these!

  2. memadtwo said

    Great energy here…and I had forgotten about drawing negative space. A good exercise, and I like your results. (K)

    • There were so many ‘layers’ at that end of the castle, the negative spaces seemed to be more prominent. Perhaps something to do with the light. I want to come back to that area, lots of interesting, substantial shapes. One good thing about the intense cold – less people about, but had to admit defeat and retreat to the museum and cafe.

      • memadtwo said

        I’ve never tried drawing outside in winter…do you use gloves? My hands get so cold.

        • I had some fingerless ones on this day. Short and sharp sketches. I’ve wanted to do more colour sketches, but I think will have to wait for warmer weather. I took my watercolours this day but left my water bottle at home. Found a rain filled bottle cap to do the couple of trees with a brush! I don’t think our winters are as cold as yours, but I suppose it’s all relative

  3. I am enjoying these loose drawings! Very very nice!

  4. kestrelart said

    I like these – so many different explorations. But without doubt my favourites are those which also contain the road signs. Somehow these go beyond simple sketches. There is contrast of three dimensional nature with artificial flat surfaces but the shapes in the signs echo those of the trees.

    • I’d love to say that was a conscious decision by us, but the sign for the lock and the weir is that shape, but perhaps that’s why we turned and drew in that direction?? On another note, I’ve been to an exhibition this week and as well as being fabulous and exhilirating and inspiring it has made me feel rather desperate that I don’t/can’t/won’t do more drawing/painting and what I do is so measly! More field trips needed I think and I might ditch the pens as it encourages me to ignore the solid. Did your V&A trip bring out any negative feelings?

      • kestrelart said

        Hi OA
        I’m sorry you have been feeling low over drawing. What can I say? Drawing is a journey. I have very similar doubts over playing the guitar, feeling I just don’t have the talent to make it worthwhile, though I keep at it. But drawing is different. The idea of not drawing seems weird. And you do definitely have talent!
        Perhaps it’s this pesky need to work for a living that’s the problem. With more time you (and I ) could develop those sketches into finished pieces. Still, that’s not without its challenge. As long as I’m just sketching, there’s no meaning. Once you are “doing art” it carries a significance … perhaps.
        I’m up for another days drawing – it was good. For what it’s worth your tree pictures have been inspiring. I went out for a couple hours last weekend and had your sketches very much in mind when I was drawing. I’ll post them tomorrow. I see lots of development on your sketches one post to the next.

  5. Sorry for the gloom KA, i must stop commenting at night when tired! I have pulled myself together and am out now by the river, new chalks in hand. I occassionally get these desperate feelings of time running out. I went to see the Joan Eardley exhibition. She died at 42 and, seemingly to me, slam dunk in the middle of an outpouring of creativity. I found the exhibition quite emotional, especially her last few sketches. I know I see things by extremes which isn’t always helpful. With the stopping and starting we both have to do, I wonder what we miss by not continuing a train of thought. Looking forward to seeing these new trees I’ve inspired! I must say you’ve prompted me to pull out the conte crayons and have them here today. Back to the drawing….

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