Talulah Blue & Verity Grey

February 14, 2016







4 Responses to “Talulah Blue & Verity Grey”

  1. kestrelart said

    …. So no comment.
    I like the first drawing particularly, then lower down, the way the face in colour emerges from the group of three in front of the shapely leg.
    Our group seems less burlesquey than the one you attended. I wonder what was the atmosphere and mix of people. I hope you enjoyed it.

    • There was one yesterday, but we weren’t about so didn’t go. Could do with convincing someone to go with me next time – people get there early for the best seats and there’s a long tea/beer break so lots of down time when you are by yourself. They encouraged us to whoop and cheer for the performances (verity and tallulah did routines that were very good), but i couldn’t do this and draw! Mostly women drawers, but all different ages and abilities. Great costumes – very odd feeling ‘ life’ drawing people who are in character complete with full stage makeup and costume – bit of a comtradiction and made it harder. I felt more comfortable with the pencil drawing of the model’s standing, back – could see muscle and structure – comfort zone! Felt in others i was being bamboozled by the marvellous costumes. Thinking about this again has reminded me what a challenge i found it. That’s a good reason to go again!

  2. kelleysdiy said

    Beautiful…your so creative!

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