And back indoors (and the return of the bottles)

April 6, 2013




11 Responses to “And back indoors (and the return of the bottles)”

  1. You are a master with grays! I like that top painting alot.

  2. Thank you. That’s interesting as when I I was complimenting a friend on her clear, pure colours I was contrasting them in my head with the, how can I describe it? ‘sludge’ colours of mine. Perhaps I start off with the wrong colours. Can you recommend some groups of colours to use on a limited palette?

    • Are you using watercolor? I would need to know that.
      I don’t mind the sludge. These come through with movement and value.

      • These three are water mixable oils. I use acrylics too and watercolour, but I’m not very good at the latter and my watercolour pan tray is a bit mixed up… you’ve guessed it, sludge coloured! I’m also guilty of mixing colours on the paper instead of on the palette.

        • A true red, a true blue (strong like prussian) and a true yellow like aureolin in watercolor and maybe something called lemon yellow. All three of those colors make black, though. I like earth tones on my palette like burnt sienna and raw sienna. My favorite green is an earthen green like a dark olive but I have several. I like to have extras like some of the quinachridones like gold and I like turqouise cerulean. Naples yellow is my weak yellow. I prefer to allow my colors to mingle on the paper but don’t interfere too much with my brush. I let the water do the work, so to speak and encourage the pigment into it. I allow colors to dry before applying more color when I am working in washes. I like an orange like Halloween orange or cadmium orange, but that can be made with your red and yellow. Does that help? Diox Violet. I can’t do without that one. Hope that helps. I like the grays you are achieving and recall a very good article written on grays in one of the watercolor magazines. They also had a request for artists to send in their images of their gray paintings. I loved them.

          • Thanks for the great suggestions, I’d already thought I needed a stronger lemon. I think the blues I have are ultramarine. I will take your list with me when I’ve collected enough pennies for a paint shopping trip again. Look out for new colours in future posts! I could also start cleaning my brush properly and changing the water more regularly.

  3. Nicholas Herbert said

    Really love the bottom one! So fluid.

  4. 2Spools said

    The third has a real sense of zest. Nicholas called it. Can you do more?

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